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How to correctly unlock "screen casting" skill
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  wireless screen mirroring greatly improves the frequency and efficiency of meeting communication in the field of conferences.

  A meeting is not only expounding one by one, but presenting everyone's ideas together on the conference machine, brainstorming, and constant collision of ideas.

 Such a meeting can make the corporate meeting double the effect at the same time.

 In the new year, we must gain this skill, "How to quickly get started with wireless screen mirroring", please see the explanation below.

A5 wirelessscreen mirroring

1.Confirm that the conference machine is connected to WIFI;

2.Click the wireless screen mirroring icon of the ASANO conference machine;

Wireless screen mirroring can be divided into three types:

i-Phone:Scan the QR code on the left side to connect to the hotspot of the conference machine;

Android mobile phone: you need to scan the QR code to download the "Screen Share";

PC:According to the website downloads "Exceed Share" and enters the screen transmission code;

1.Scan the QR code and download the "Screen Share" APP;

2.Open the APP, scan the code to connect or enter the screen transmission code to connect;

3.Need to connect to the WIFI of the conference machine (the phone will automatically recognize and copy, click to go to the WIFI connection);

4.Finally click on the screen to share;

Specific operations on the computer

1.Enter the URL: https://www.meeting-vip.com/, enter the web page to download and install the "Exceed Share" software;

2.Open "Exceed Share" and enter the screen transmission code on the conference machine interface to start the computer screen projection.

Frequently  QuestionsCollection


Q: How to display the screen code of the conference machine?

A: Click "Settings" at the top right of the wireless screen transfer interface and turn on "Show screen code".

Q: How to operate in both directions?

A: When using the "screening software" on the mobile phone, you can click on the "Conference Tablet Controller" to control the conference machine on the mobile phone; the conference machine reversely controls the computer when the computer screen is cast to achieve two-way control.

Q: How many mobile terminals can be cast to conference machine at most?

A: Up to 4 mobile terminals (including mobile phone, computer, ipad). And the "Meeting Pad Controller" on the Android phone can be used to watch the content of the meeting. Here, multiple mobile phones can be operated at the same time, and the actual control right is only one mobile phone.

Q:The computer can't install the "Exceed Share" software,how to do that?

A:First confirm whether the computer is a Windows 7 or higher system.Second, the original default download and install it on the C drive, you can change to D drive.


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