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Tempered glass series


The biggest feature is the addition of toughened glass panel. Don't underestimate this panel. It can achieve two functions of screen protection and vision protection. The plastic frame and side frame can be used in other colors: white, silver, gold and so on. The trademark can be used in three kinds of trademarks: luminous, metal and silk screen printing. The bottom coordinate is equipped with a plastic base. If you are afraid that the plastic base will break, the quality is not good and so on, it doesn't matter, Aluminum alloy base can eliminate the concern of plastic base; if you have requirements for bass, upgrading to S-type speaker can meet your needs for bass effect, and the knocking effect will be 3-5 times better than that of ordinary speaker. If you have requirements for both high and low bass, upgrading to L-type speaker can meet your two needs at one time, and L-type speaker will have higher and lower bass effect than ordinary speaker More than 5 times better than ordinary horn